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Attention GFC Followers! I will be switching to Wordpress soon, please subscribe by RSS. For details click here.

Attention GFC Followers!

>>Monday, March 26, 2012

Hey everyone! Recently Google Friend Connect has gone Blogger-only which doesn't make much difference for me since this is a Blogger blog. However, I think it's only a matter of time before Google eliminates GFC entirely.

Also, I'm going to be switching over to Wordpress sometime in the near future and I don't want you awesome followers to lose your feed. I'm asking you to please change the way you follow to my Feedburner RSS feed. It's super easy:

1. Click on my feed link here.
2. Under "Subscribe Now" chose the way you prefer to read my posts.
3. If it's Google Reader, click the Google button and then select "Add to Google Reader."

I'll be making another announcement when I finally switch over to to Wordpress, but I thought I'd give you guys plenty of time to switch over.




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