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Retro Review: The Lion of Senet by Jennifer Fallon

>>Friday, March 12, 2010

What is a retro review?
A retro review is a review is basically a spotlight on a book I’ve read before creating this book blog. Since it has been some time since I’ve read these books the reviews aren’t as specific and there are no ratings. I want to do these retro reviews to expose more books to people and give my overall thoughts on them.

Title: The Lion of Senet (Second Sons Triology - Book 1)
Author: Jennifer Fallon
Pages: 553
Genre: Fantasy

The Lion of Senet is the first book in a triology. It is categorized as fantasy yet it is not typical. It is set in another world but there is no magic or non-human elements (from what I read in the first book). This book is about politics and relationship of the characters. Here is the synopsis from the author's website:

On the world of Ranadon there is no night. Thanks to the intervention of Belagren, High Priestess of the Shadowdancers, and the sacrifice of a child of royal blood, the Age of Shadows has been banished and once again both suns shine brightly in Ranadon's skies.
When a volcanic eruption rocks the sea between the Kingdom of Dhevyn and the powerful mainland kingdom of Senet, a mysterious sailor is shipwrecked on the small island of Elcast.
His rescue brings together Dirk Provin, second son of the Duke of Elcast, Kirshov Latanya, second son of the Lion of Senet, Alenor D'Orlon - heir to the throne of Dhevyn, an angry and rebellious young woman named Tia Veran... and an orphaned acrobat known as Marqel the Magnificent.

I really enjoyed this book. I really wished there was more fantastical elements but it was easily made up in the highly developed, vivid characters and in the clever and intricate politics of Ranadon. There is a bit of romance, intrigue, religious politics, court politics, puzzles, and pirate outcasts. Fallon is definitely talented and I look forward to continuing the series.

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