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Japanese Lit Challenge 4

>>Friday, August 27, 2010

Hey everybody! I have joined a challenge! While looking for some fun challenges I came across Bellezza's Japanese Lit Challenge 4 which started a couple months ago. Since it only requires at least one book read I decided I definitely can do that before January 2010 and in fact I will try to do more.

I love Japanese culture and I realized that I have read very little Japanese literature. I have looked over the suggested reading for the challenge and while I only found one or two books that I thought would fit my interests and those of the readers of this blog, I decided to do some hunting myself for some great Japanese authored books. Fortunately, I found some very interesting looking books and I hope that everyone will enjoy them and maybe they will interest you if you are not particularly interested in the more popular Japanese literature options.

I will also keep track on this post the books I review.

Books Completed
1. Harmony by Project Itoh - Review

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