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Waiting on Wednesday: The House of Discarded Dreams by Ekaterina Sedia

>>Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Here's my choice for this week's Waiting on Wednesday,  hosted by Breaking the Spine. I chose this because I have read one other book by Sedia (The Alchemy of Stone) and I enjoyed it a lot. This book's synopsis is pretty weird, but I bet it will be awesome!

Title: The House of Discarded Dreams
Author: Ekaterina Sedia
Publication Date: November 1st, 2010

From Goodreads:
Vimbai moves into a dilapidated house in the dunes, trying to escape her embarrassing immigrant mother . . . and discovers that one of her new roommates has a pocket universe instead of hair, there is a psychic energy baby living in the telephone wires, and her dead Zimbabwean grandmother is doing dishes in the kitchen. When the house gets lost at sea and creatures of African urban legends all but take it over, Vimbai has to turn to horseshoe crabs in the ocean, to ask for their help in getting home to New Jersey . . .


  1. That is one beautiful cover! I love the sound of it, too...great pick! :)

  2. This does sound weird... yet good! Loving the cover :)



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