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24 Hour Read-a-Thon!

>>Thursday, October 7, 2010

Earlier today I heard about the 24 Hour Read-a-Thon from Janicu. It takes place the morning of Saturday, October 9th and runs for 24 hours. As soon as I heard about it I thought I must participate because I've been feeling so caught up in school lately that I need a whole day to focus on reading. This will really give me the chance to indulge in reading all day.

I'm going to try to read for the whole 24 hours (with some nap breaks) and also participate in the mini challenges throughout the day, so expect a lot of posts from me. If you're going to sign up or already sign up, feel free to let me know so we can encourage each other. ;)

Here's some reading material I have lined up. I don't know what exactly I'll be reading yet because my interest in certain books might be different by Saturday. So here's a tentative list on what you can expect from me:

Grimspace by Ann Aguirre - I'm reading this now, so I will be finishing it up if I'm not done it by Saturday.
Silver Phoenix by Cindy Pon
Fables, Vol. 1 (Deluxe Edition) by Bill Willinghem
The Shape-Changer's Wife by Sharon Shinn

I might read something else entirely, but I think these books will be good since they are very read-a-thon friendly. See y'all Saturday!!

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  1. This is my fourth or fifth time and I love it! I hope you have fun.



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