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Update: Review List, Rating System and DNF Books

>>Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hello everyone! I wanted to let everyone know that I made a couple changes to the blog. I added a Review List to make finding past reviews here easier. I also updated my Rating System. It's staying as an alphabetical rating system, but I updated the descriptions of each grade. I was thinking that I need to be more distinctive when reviewing and rating books and it all starts with a good rating system. I want it to be harder for a book to attain an A grade, because as I was looking over my past reviews, there is a lot of discrepancy between books I've given As to.

As for reviews themselves, I've been a bit slow lately, I know. I went from being a full-time student to finding a full-time job that I started last week. I really like it! I'm trying to keep up with my reading. I think one issue I have is when I don't particularly like or feel engaged with a book, I force myself to read it through, and now I'm debating whether I should just drop a book when I feel like it's not working for me. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas about this?

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  1. Drop it! I used to be the same way. I felt like I HAD to go and read it all, but lately I have adopted a more easygoing attitude. Why waste time with reading things we don't enjoy?



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