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In My Mailbox #25

>>Sunday, February 12, 2012

Welcome to another edition of In My Mailbox hosted by The Story Siren! I haven't posted on in a while since I'm sort of locking down my spending on buying new books. BUT I did get some great books in the mail this week.

For Review:

Arctic Rising by Tobias S. Buckell
This review is coming up in March and possibly an interview with the author to go along with it. Stay tuned!

Global warming has transformed the Earth, and it's about to get even hotter. The Arctic Ice Cap has all but melted, and the international community is racing desperately to claim the massive amounts of oil beneath the newly accessible ocean.

Enter the Gaia Corporation. Its two founders have come up with a plan to roll back global warming. Thousands of tiny mirrors floating in the air can create a giant sunshade, capable of redirecting heat and cooling the earth's surface. They plan to terraform Earth to save it from itself—but in doing so, they have created a superweapon the likes of which the world has never seen.

Anika Duncan is an airship pilot for the underfunded United Nations Polar Guard. She’s intent on capturing a smuggled nuclear weapon that has made it into the Polar Circle and bringing the smugglers to justice.

Anika finds herself caught up in a plot by a cabal of military agencies and corporations who want Gaia Corporation stopped. But when Gaia Corp loses control of their superweapon, it will be Anika who has to decide the future of the world. The nuclear weapon she has risked her life to find is the only thing that can stop the floating sunshade after it falls into the wrong hands.

In the Lion's Mouth by Michael Flynn
I'm looking forward to this recently released space opera.

It’s a big Spiral Arm, and the scarred man, Donavan buigh, has gone missing in it, upsetting the harper Mearana's plans for a reconciliation between her parents. Bridget ban, a Hound of the League, doubts that reconciliation is possible or desirable; but nonetheless has dispatched agents to investigate the disappearance.

The powerful Ravn Olafsdottr, a Shadow of the Names, slips into Clanthompson Hall to tell mother and daughter of the fate of Donovan buigh. In the Long Game between the Confederation of Central Worlds and the United League of the Periphery, Hound and Shadow are mortal enemies; yet a truce descends between them so that the Shadow may tell her tale. There is a struggle in the Lion’s Mouth, the bureau that oversees the Shadows—a clandestine civil war of sabotage and assassination between those who would overthrow Those of Name and the loyalists who support them. And Donovan, one-time Confederal agent, has been recalled to take a key part, willingly or no.

After the Fall, Before the Fall, During the Fall by Nancy Kress
I'm super excited to have received an ARC for Kress' next novel. I loved Beggars in Spain and look forward to reading more by her.

In the year 2035, all that is left of humanity lives in the Shell. After ecological disasters have nearly destroyed the Earth, twenty-six survivors are imprisoned in a sterile enclosure built by an alien race. Fifteen-year-old Pete is one of the six children who were born in the Shell. Though he possesses birth defects common to the Six, including sterility, Pete is resolved to lead humanity to a new beginning.

However, as one by one the adults of the Shell grow mysteriously sick and die, Pete struggles to control his dangerous anger at the aliens. Though the Earth appears to be slowly healing itself, the survivors may not live long enough to repopulate it. Their only hope lies within randomly brief time-portals into the recent past, where Pete and the Six are abducting children to increase their gene pool.

In the year 2013, brilliant mathematician Julie Kahn is working with the FBI to track the seemingly-random kidnappings. Her predictive algorithms and investigatory intuition are beginning to reveal more than just criminal activity. As Julie nears the catastrophe about to happen both on the Earth and in the Shell, she is closing in on the truth, and realizing that she may have to make a terrible sacrifice. Julie and Pete are rapidly converging in both the past and the future—a future that might never unfold for humanity.


  1. You have three books I must have. I love Nancy Kress. We had one of the best discussions ever when we read one of her book in our Science Fiction Book Club. I never skip a Michael Flynn book or a Tobias S. Buckell book either. I am off to put all three on my Amazon wish list.

    1. Glad to hear you like Flynn and Buckell, since these will be my first reads of both of the authors!

  2. huh, three books i did not know about! i must add them to my wishlist!

    Check out my IMM

  3. Space Opera? That sounds rad and overwhelming...but mostly rad.



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