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Mega Manga Challenge (4): Fullmetal Alchemist, vol. 2 by Hiromu Arakawa

>>Friday, August 12, 2011

Title: Fullmetal Alchemist
Author: Hiromu Arakawa
Demographic: Shonen
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist vol. 2
Format: Manga
Pages: 192
Genre: Steampunk, Science Fiction, Adventure
Publication Date: May 22nd, 2002
Publisher: Viz Media
Rating: B+

From Goodreads: There are many types of alchemy in the world. Edward's commanding officer, "Flame Alchemist" Roy Mustang, can control fire. Shou Tucker, the "Sewing-Life Alchemist," specializes in the most difficult alchemy of all...biological transmutation, the ability to alter the tissue of living things. But no matter what their power, alchemists are still human. And when a mysterious killer begins stalking state alchemists, no one can escape his vengence...

Note: There may be spoilers for the previous volumes. I'll try to keep them light.

Why did I read this book? I'm heading the Mega Manga Challenge, that's why! Also, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is my favorite anime and that series is based on the manga. So of course, I have to collect and read every one of them!

My Review

Ed and Al's adventure continues in this volume. They are still looking for the Philospher's Stone which will give them the power to get their bodies back. After seeing the anime, I was waiting for the chapter on Nina and Alexander, which is by far my most dreaded story of the whole series. I won't say why, but this chapter really gives the series a sense of danger and consequence. There are some crazy people in this world and alchemy isn't all fun and games. I think this really set the tone for the journey that Ed and Al will go through. In this way I think the Nina and Alexander story is really valuable to the manga as a whole, but man, do I hate Shou Tucker!

Another character we're exposed to is Scar, who is hunting down State Alchemists for reasons unknown. This chapter also carries on the message that not everything done with alchemy is good or even wanted.

I loved the action drawings and of course, I think Hiromu is amazing with the comedic timing. Fullmetal Alchemist can be very serious and dark but it's balanced so well with humor.

Rating: B+
We're introduced to many characters in this volume and you really start to get a feel of the personalities of each and every one. Many are shrouded in mystery, such as Scar and Lust, but it really makes you want to read on. While this book is more dark than the first, I feel like it's a good installment and sets the tone for the story ahead. I love the dark mixed in with the steampunk-ness of the world and the lovability of the two brothers. Definitely worth the read.


  1. Ooh, this sounds good. So glad I have the first volume; now I really cannot wait to start this series. =)

  2. The Nina & Alexander storyline is one of the most haunting and memorable for me, too. Scar is one of my favorite characters. Hope you enjoy the next volume just as much! :)

  3. Since you saw the anime before, do you think the anime was well made based on the manga? I should definitely start reading them as well!



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